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Sierra Needle’s 2010 Halloween Album!

Well Ladies and Ghouls, all Hallow’s Eve is fast approaching and Sierra Needle has retaliated with an album so spooky, it may in fact scare away Halloween itself.
Please enjoy this bevy of beats and ballads. If you like a song in particular, let me know so I know which ones to remaster for Sierra’s posthumous greatest hits. Email me (not Sierra — as you know she is orbiting space so she can’t always be checking her email. She needs to be checking oxygen levels or the consistency of the Space Monkeys feces to make sure he is properly nourished).
Album Art (probably) Pending!!!

1. Ambient Intro: Halloween at Philip Glass’s House

2. King Size Candy Bars

3. Ambient Interlude: Demon Strut

4. I Need A Good Fright

5. Ambient Interlude: Ghoul’s Night Out

6. No Costumes Go With My Glasses

7. Trick Or Treating By Yourself For The First Time

8. Ghost Song (feat. Paul Briganti and Mike Antonucci aka Chip Fantastic)

9. Ambient Interlude: Mummy Strip Tease

10. Even Apparitions Get The Blues

11. Instrumental: Spirits Depart

12. Denoument: Taking Off Our Masks and Cleaning Our Wounds (Fake and Otherwise)

13. Ambient Epilogue: Sugar Crash

As always, here is the mediafire link where you can download it for FREE. Think of it as internet trick or treating.
Also, I just realized the tracks for “Opposites Abduct” aren’t working. I’ll look into it.

NSFW Captain Hippo Katy Perry Man Butt Video!

Seriously, there is a man’s butt, this is NSFW. and NSFM (not safe for mom).

New Sierra Needle Album: Opposites Abduct

The bewitching Sierra Needle has returned with a new album. Chronicling her experience falling in love with an alien who abducted her for the purposes of research, “Opposites Abduct: An Extraterrestrial Affair” marks Sierra Needle’s return to the realm of the musical. Enjoy!

1. The First Time You Get Abducted It’s Really Scary

2. Our Conspiracy Against Gravity

3. A Love Song To The Alien That Abducted Me

4. If I Can’t Stay With You, Leave Me Here On The Moon

5. Turn This Spacecraft Around, I’m In Love!

6. Here To Stay

7. Purification Rite

8. Epilogue For My Mother And Father

Thanks to Brian Glidewell for the picture!

Feel free to download the entire album here.

Target Commercial

My mom found it online!

It’s playing on MTV and Comedy Central.

Golden Girls Video!

Thank you to the talented boys at Captain Hippo for making this happen.

GRE Vocabulary Word of the Day: Numismatics

Numismatics: noun. coin-collecting.

Tomas’s passion for numismatics has resulted in an impressive collection of coins from all over the world.

Please enjoy a song I wrote about the word Numismatics: